Seola Drive Road End Flock

Walked down to the end of Seola Drive today.   The tide was high but right at the street end was a pair of crows. They weren’t shy of me at all and seemed to be not phased by my presence.  They are probably my beach flock from north of here in the Arroyos.   As soon as I threw out the bread the whole family came.   Counted a total of 8 swooping and grabbing mouths full. 

What I found very interesting is this street ends pavement was covered by blue mussel shells.   My suspicion is they use that area to drop them to break em open.   Very smart I would say.

Find most crow families are small this time of year.  Almost like one crow in each territory holding down the area for the next nesting season.  See a lot more pairs as well.   The two by our house are continuing their lovey dovy side by side behavior on the wire in our backyard.

Be sure to check out the Sightings map on Google maps.  It is gaining more information as I keep documenting my weekly rounds.

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