Brave Crows

At the beach today didn’t see anyone till I was ready to head up the trail.  Saw one crow sentinel and threw some bread.   He sent up the alert and the whole family from the end of the Arroyos Drive came over.

Had about 12 of them on the beach, in the trees and on the driftwood.   I threw bread on the beach and made a trail over the drift wood and onto the grass.   Only one brave soul would come over and grab the goodies on the there.  Then when I started up the trail they came in and had their family feast.

Waiting to be brave


One other thing of interest was how off in the middle of the Sound was this eddy of driftwood.   The tide was about half way towards coming into high tide.   The water had that odd humped look in the middle of the waterway.  Like the water was bulging while it pushed into the shore.   The driftwood was trapped in the middle making a navigation hazard for sure.   I’m going to research that phenomenon more.

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