Crows of Clearwater

Where ever I go I meet Crow Families.   Here at our resort off of Bainbridge Island is a small Murder.   They are 9 birds strong with a combination of couples and children.

David brought peanuts and they cluster around while he doles them out.   We are close to the roof over the pool and he pitches them onto it.    They do all sorts of acrobatics to grab the rolling peanuts.  Some figure it out pretty quickly that they can just swoop in and grab them on the flight.

Here is the visitor on the balcony seeking bread.   Great shot with Agate Pass behind it.

Visitor at Clearwater Resort

Now for some Crow Love.   Not sure if these pairs are couples or Parent plus juvenile child from this year.   I’m thinking the smallest one is this year’s baby.

Which one is the baby?
Waiting for Peanuts
or are these two love birds?

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