Why are Crows Evil Birds?

This week I ran across two groups who believe crows are evil birds.  

First it was when we fed them outside our office and they came in a big swarm.  The others in the office had to mention the Alfred Hitchcock Movie “The Birds”.   Plus how they would shit on their cars.   Oh my, what a bad rap my little black children have.

Feeding the Birds at Work

The second was at the Eye Doctors.  He asked what new things I was doing and I told him about this blog.  He proceeded to tell me how he chases them out of his backyard.   His wife feeds them but he hates them.

Could this all be fear of something smart.  It has been proven that they recognize those that are nice or naughty to them.  Plus they do show up at battle fields of old to have a nice snack.   Not something most of us civilized folks of this tidy clean century want to  think about.   However, that myth has followed them thru the centuries.

What do you think?


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