Crows riding the Pineapple Express

It has been a rain, rain & more rain kind of day as the pineapple Express blew thru the neighborhood.   The families of crows were hanging out together hardly phased by it all.

The tide was so high that the waves were crashing the driftwood around.  No beach (sand or rock) was even visible.   The kind of surf that one needs to stay away from.   Don’t want to be crushed by a rogue wave & log.  Obviously there were no crows down there.

Pineapple Express & High tide at the Beach

The Beach gang was at the hairpin corner of MVD & 35th.   About 22 of them in the trees who got very excited when they saw me.   A little bread went a long way to help their mood.

Be sure to check out the Crow Map to see the latest counts and info on the local families.

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