Beach Crow Party Time

Happy Day it was low tide & when I got to the beach they were already down there partying away.   As soon as they saw me they knew it was bread time and came flocking over to where I was sitting.

They are becoming more accustom to me and I can feed them about 6 feet away now.  In the beginning they needed about 20 feet between us.  The other funny thing they did was when I got up to spread the bread for them, they would hop over to where I was sitting & start pecking at the loaf and my bag.  Are they smart birds or what?

Three birds of note are my usual cripple crow, who jumps around on one leg.  I do believe that she is my Ellie who we raised in 2006.   This was the first time I saw a the white-winged crow at the beach.   This spring we had one up by our house but I don’t know if this is the same one.   Lastly another white feather crow was at the beach.  This one had a very small spot.  Wonder if they are related.   Check out the pictures.

The other thing of note was at the top of the trail a family of 5 recognized me and begged for bread there on the road.  Of course I relented and gave them a couple of slices.   They knew me for sure since they came within 4 ft of me to get the bread.

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