Neigborhood gang of crows

This week I walked around and checked on the neighborhood crow territories.    The tide was in and I figured my beach gang would be out and about but not at the shore.

What I found was very interesting.  Each area that in the past I have identified as a crow family territory had only one or two crows guarding it.  It was like they were left behind to make sure no one took their space while the rest of the family went to the communal roost or partied else where.

I used a little bread to drum up some action.   Some were very shy and waited till I left the area.   Some came right in and grabbed a mouth full.  Then again others called all their friends in the hood to join.   They all are rather hungry since they were the ones left to hold down the fort.

Finally in my 4 mile walk I crossed over territories of;

the 37th street gang

the church crows

the Fauntleroy park crows

the bird on a wire team

the arbor heights school chums

my home team

plus a few more here & there

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