Arroyos Crow World

Please join me in glimpsing the world of Crows.  

For the past several years I have followed the local residents of my neighborhood.  We humans live in our houses and by looking up we can see a whole another world.   The Crows have territories, families and parties just like we do.

Today is about the beach.   That is where the party happens at low tide.  I visit them usually on Sunday and feed them bread to gain their trust.  This is also a great way to watch their interactions.

The tide was almost out but no crows were in sight.  A few gulls but no black children.  I fed the gulls a little to see if they would put up enough noise to draw them.  When I was just getting up to go with still no crows, they came flying in from the North.  Cawing and circling me with excitement.  

The big boys stand by and let the little ones be brave.  There is always some youngster who gets a little closer.  Who also defies the gulls for a quick bite.

After the food was gone I climbed back up the cliff trail to see if there were any of the flock on the road.   I think I figured out who they are up on the bluff but wanted to be sure who really is playing at the beach.   I was right, the group I see at the Seola Park entrance were missing in action.   That is them down in the Arroyos.

That’s it today, come back for more Crows of Arroyos!!!

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